Best Car Insurance Companies of July 2022


Whether you’re looking to switch insurers or you’re buying car insurance for the very first time, there are several factors to keep in mind when trying to find the right coverage for your vehicle.

Read on for our reviews of the best car insurance companies and our comprehensive guide to choosing the right policy (and insurer) for you.

Our Top Picks for Best Car Insurance Companies of July 2022

  • Amica Mutual – Best Car Insurance Package
  • Progressive – Best for Customizable Premiums
  • State Farm – Best for Young Drivers
  • Farmers – Best for Essential Worker and First Responder Discounts
  • Nationwide – Best for Flexible Policies
  • GEICO – Best Mobile App
  • Allstate – Best Usage-Based Insurance Program
  • USAA – Best for Military Members
Stylish Auto Insurance Package Amica Mutual
Why we chose it We chose Amica Mutual as the stylish auto insurance package due to its Platinum Choice bus policy, where motorists can earn Advantage Points prices and save vastly on their deductible.
  • No- cost airbag relief after it deploys
  • Cinch relief in the event of stolen keys
  • $1,000 for bail bonds and pay envelope payment if you are needed to appear in court
  • No rideshare insurance
  • Not all features are available civil
  • Coverage isn’t available in Hawaii
A.M. Stylish Standing = A +
POWER RATING = Above normal(895/1,000)
NAIC Complaint indicator = Below median(0.66)
While Amica is by no means the least precious option available, it does boast high client satisfaction overall in the J.D. Power Auto Insurance client Satisfaction study, and has had the loftiest score in the New England region for nine times in a row.
Away from its low NAIC complaint rate( common issues are rate increases and detainments in claims handling), Amica also entered a solid score of B in the CRASH report card for 2022, in which collision tinkerers rate insurers grounded on policy running and payment practices. Amica’s introductory content options include particular injury protection, property damage, fleshly injury liability and uninsured/ underinsured drivers. Other policy options include bus loan/ parcel gap protection, comprehensive and collision content, roadside backing and rental payment.
It also features one of the most robust auto insurance packages we set up, the Platinum Choice bus. This package includes Advantage Points, a program where policyholders earn prices for good driving, renewing programs and pertaining others. Advantage Points can also reduce or indeed exclude your deductible.Amica’s Platinum Choice also includes credit monitoring, a$,000 rental content outside and new auto relief if you total your auto( handed it’s lower than a time old and has smaller than,000 long hauls).
Beyond Platinum Choice bus, Amica offers some common content options with which to customize your bus insurance policy, including glass form without a deductible and guaranteed asset protection( gap) content for when you owe further than the downgraded value of a totaled auto.

Amica auto insurance abatements


  • Speeding programs and assuring multiple vehicles
  • Paperless payments, over- frontal decoration payments and AutoPay
  • Good driving habits being claim-free for three times and taking a protective driving course
  • Youthful motorists for completing a training program, scholars with good grades and full- time scholars down at academy
  • Havinganti-theft bias, unresistant restraint or electronic stability features
  • Fidelity abatements after two times of being ensured
  • Heritage abatements for motorists under 30 whose parents have been ensured with Amica for at least five times
Amica auto insurance tools
  • Mobile app track claims, request roadside backing, pay bills
  • Auto Connection tool for comparing prices on new and habituated buses

Best for Customizable Premiums: Progressive

Why we chose it: We chose Progressive as the best car insurance for customizable premiums because of its Name Your Price tool, which allows drivers to shop for coverage according to their budget.

  • Save on your premium by signing up for the drive-monitoring program
  • Look for premiums within your budget with their Name Your Price tool
  • Compare quotes with Progressive’s comparison tool
  • Loyalty Reward program
  • Pricing may vary depending on whether you buy online or over the phone
  • Discounts vary and are not available in all states
JD POWER RATING =  Below average (862/1,000)
NAIC Complaint Index = Above median (1.03)

Progressive offers the most control when it comes to how much you want to pay for your auto insurance policy. It does this through its Name Your Price tool, which reverses the usual method of getting an insurance quote. By providing some basic information (address, vehicle make and model, owned or leased) and how much you can spend, and Progressive will show you policy options within your budget.

Further, Progressive offers a good array of discounts, some of which depend on how you purchase the policy — such as for an online quote or signing online — and others that depend on where you live. You can reduce your premiums even further by installing the company’s Snapshot app, which monitors your driving habits and gives you feedback on safe driving.

Coverage options with Progressive include liability, comprehensive, medical expenses, collision and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. You can also add roadside assistance, gap, rental car reimbursement, custom parts and rideshare coverage.

While Progressive achieved a higher than average J.D. Power Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction score in California, it ranked about average in other regions of the country. . Likewise, its rates are often middle of the road for the industry.

Progressive car insurance discounts

  • Combine your auto insurance policy with home, renters or life insurance
  • Insure multiple vehicles
  • Vehicle safety features such as anti-theft alarms
  • Automatic and paperless payments
  • Loyalty rewards by maintaining continuous coverage with Progressive
  • Teen driver discounts: full-time students with good grades and students away from home

Progressive car insurance tools

  • Look for coverage options within your budget with the Name Your Price tool
  • Car insurance calculator based on your state and personal details
  • Get personalized rates with Snapshot, a usage-based insurance program (not available in California or North Carolina)
  • Mobile app: view your driving status, recent trips and ways to improve your driving

Stylish for Young motorists State Farm

Why we chose it We chose State Farm as the stylish auto insurance for youthful motorists because it offers teenage pupil motorists with a GPA of3.0 or advanced up to 25 savings.


  • Offers rideshare insurance in utmost countries
  • Save plutocrat with Drive Safe & Save and Steer Clear programs
  • trip charges content


  • Drive Safe & Save program not available in CA, MA or RI


Stylish Standing = A++
JD POWER RATING = Above normal( 892-,000)
NAIC Complaint indicator = Below median(0.67)

State Farm offers great savings for teenage motorists with abatements for good grades, being down at academy, taking motorist training( up to 20) and good driving habits.

State Farm’s trip charges content pays for refections, transportation( home or to your destination) and lodging if your vehicle is impaired 50 long hauls from your home in an accident covered by your comprehensive or collision insurance. A return trip to pick up your auto is also covered.
Fresh content options from State Farm include liability, uninsured/ underinsured automobilist, medical payments, roadside backing and rideshare( if you use your auto for Uber or Lyft).

guests who prefer in- person service can profit from the company’s,000 agents, a oddity in the assiduity, indeed among insurance titans. This does n’t mean that State Farm has neglected its online immolation — its mobile app allows policyholders to request roadside backing, pay bills and train claims from anywhere.

Eventually, State Farm was the loftiest ranking auto insurer in J.D. Power’s 2021 Auto Insurance client Satisfaction report in New York, Florida and the entire Northwestern region.

State Farm auto insurance abatements

  • speeding with renters, homeowner’s or life insurance programs
  • Assuring multiple vehicles
  • Drive Safe & Save telematics program rewards you for good driving habits
  • Protective driving courses( in select countries)
  • Vehicle safety features( seatbelt, airbags on aged vehicles)

State Farm auto insurance tools

  • Mobile app pay bills, train claims, request roadside backing, view ID cards and link your bank account
  • Make auto reservations through Enterprise or Hertz
  • Directory of dependable bus form shops
Best Car Insurance Companies of July 2022
Best Car Insurance Companies of July 2022

Stylish for Essential Worker and First Responder Abatements Farmers

Why we chose it We chose Farmers as the stylish auto insurance for essential workers due to its array of abatements acclimatized specifically for preceptors, healthcare workers and other first askers.


  • Guaranteed Value Content pays out an” agreed value” if your auto is totaled
  • Multiple reduction orders
  • First major insurer to offer a reduction for indispensable- energy vehicles


  • Reduction eligibility and chance varies depending on your place of hearthstone
  • Doesn’t offer gap insurance to give the total relief cost of a new auto


Stylish Standing = A-
JD POWER Standing = Above normal(893/1,000)
NAIC Complaint indicator = Below median(0.81)

growers offers a broad range of insurance products and ways to save on auto insurance decorations, which is especially useful in offsetting its slightly advanced than average rates.

While the company doesn’t give a more expansive selection of auto insurance abatements than other insurers, it does offer two auto insurance abatements not all providers carry. For starters, essential workers croakers
, nursers, firefighters, preceptors and police officers are eligible for a decoration reduction, a benefit many insurers give.

growers also provides multiple auto and home insurance abatements for stagers, active duty service members, and nobly discharged military members. While the exact quantum of its speeding reduction may vary by state and type of policy, the savings are generally substantial for combining bus and home insurance.

growers standard content options include liability, property damage, collision, comprehensive content, uninsured/ underinsured automobilist, medical payments and particular injury protection.

fresh content types include rideshare, loss of use, rental payment and roadside backing. possessors and collectors of classic vehicles will also appreciate growers’ content of over to$ 750 on spare corridor.

Farmer’s has a low rate of complaints filed with the National Association of Insurance Officers, and overall gets good feedback about its client service. Its,000 agents cover all 50 countries( not in the District of Columbia). It was awarded Alternate bravery in the Central region in the 2021J.D. Power Auto Insurance client Satisfaction study.

Growers auto insurance abatements

  • Speeding insurance programs and assuring multiple vehicles
  • Pupil abatements for good grades and studying down from home
  • Automatic, paperless and on- time payments
  • Shared family auto( not available in California)
  • Anti-theft,anti-lock boscage and unresistant restraint systems
  • mongrel/ electric vehicles or those powered by other indispensable energies( only in California)
  • Abatements for military members and other essential service professionals

Growers auto insurance tools

  • Mobile app converse with an agent, request roadside backing, get a quotation
  • Specialty insurance options like motorcycle and boat insurance

Best for Flexible Policies: Nationwide

Why we chose it We chose Nationwide as the stylish auto insurance for flexible programs due to its On Your Side Review, a free monthly insurance assessment in which motorists can review their current policy, ask questions, make changes and apply for abatements.


  • Get Abatements with the SmartRide safe driving app
  • Pay grounded on how numerous long hauls you drive
  • Get up to a$ 500 cash perk with the purchase or parcel of a good new auto or vehicle


  • SmartRide and SmartMiles reduction vacuity vary per state and content named
  • Accident remission isn’t available in all countries


  • Stylish Standing = A+
  • Power Score = Below average(876/1,000)
  • NAIC Complaint indicator = Below median(0.39)

Nationwide offers its policyholders a free periodic auto insurance assessment called On Your Side Review. While all insurers let you review your policy at any time, this listed review encourages guests to clear up any questions regarding their policy and benefits, make changes to their content in line with current and unborn requirements, and apply for any available abatements.

Away from the On Your Side Review, Nationwide also features two reduction programs that take driving habits into account SmartRide, a operation- grounded option for good motorists, and SmartMiles, designed to reduce rates for low avail motorists.

The insurer offers standard content options similar as collision and comprehensive insurance, gap insurance, uninsured automobilist, fleshly injury liability, roadside backing and programs designed specifically for youthful motorists and classic auto possessors.

Its list of abatements is a bit more limited than those of other companies, but you can lower your yearly decorations by speeding insurance programs, setting up direct payments, driving smaller long hauls and staying accident-free. And, despite the assiduity standard of dramatically adding rates when adding teen motorists, Nationwide’s price hikes are lower than average. It also offers several categories of protection for teens on their parents ’ policy, and will give abatements for kiddies who take safe- driving courses.

Civil auto insurance abatements

  • Save an normal of$ 646 when speeding bus and home insurance
  • Vehicle safety andanti-theft bias
  • Automatic and paperless billing
  • safe-deposit box motorist prices for guests who go five times without major violations or at- fault accidents
  • Complete a protective driving course
  • Good pupil abatements for motorists progressed 16 to 24

Civil auto insurance tools

  • Mobile app manage insurance programs, make payments, train and track claims and request roadside backing
  • SmartMiles, a pay- per- afar auto insurance program for low- avail motorists
  • SmartRide, a operation- grounded auto insurance program for safe motorists

Best Mobile App: GEICO

Why we chose it: Aside from the typical features found in most car insurance mobile apps (access digital insurance cards, request roadside assistance and file claims), GEICO’s app also connects to CARFAX, allowing you to see your vehicle’s service history, create a maintenance schedule and check for open recalls, among others.

  • Pay bills or request roadside assistance with the Mobile app
  • Coverage calculator
  • Discounts available to federal and military employees, seniors and students
  • Accident Forgiveness not available in CA, CT and MA
  • Does not offer gap insurance
  • A.M. RatinG = A++
  • J.D. Power Rating = Above average (881/1,000)
  • NAIC Complaint Index = Below average (0.69)

Though GEICO has a reputation for being one of the most affordable car insurance providers in the nation, the company stands out with its easy-to-use mobile experience.

GEICO’s mobile app — which has an excellent 4.8 out of 5 rating with almost three million reviews in Apple’s App Store — allows customers to access their digital insurance cards, request roadside assistance, submit photos of their cars for damage estimates, and connect with a virtual assistant to answer car insurance-related questions, among other features.

As for coverage options, GEICO offers medical payments, personal injury protection, uninsured/underinsured motorist, collision and comprehensive coverage. Add-ons include roadside assistance, rental reimbursement and mechanical breakdown insurance products. The latter can cover repairs after your new car warranty expires. GEICO is also one of only two companies on our list with a dedicated discount for military members.

GEICO offers competitive pricing for two age tiers that are often expensive to insure: teens and seniors. And good drivers can benefit from the company’s usage-based program, DriveEasy.

GEICO’s complaint ratio is below the national average, standing on par with others on our list. It also did better than the median in New England, California, and Central in JD Power’s Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction study for 2021.

GEICO car insurance discounts

  • Equipment discounts for new cars, airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft systems and others
  • Being accident-free for five years
  • Using a seatbelt, taking defensive driving or driver’s education courses and being a good student
  • Affiliation discounts for military members and federal employees
  • Insuring multiple vehicles and having multiple policies
  • Senior driver discounts for drivers over 50

GEICO car insurance tools

  • Mobile app: access ID cards, pay bills and request roadside assistance or customer support 24/7
  • DriveEasy telematics program rewards safe driving behavior
  • Car insurance coverage calculator



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